IAEK disseminates new knowledge, innovative ideas and research findings among people of the world through different activities of its members.

Our Executive Body comprises principal and teachers of Chas College, Chas, Bokaro, Jharkhand, India-827013.

Patron Prof. P. L. Baranwal Principal
PresidentDr. Raghubar Singh Dept. of Physics
SecretaryDr. P. C. Thakur Dept. of Botany
TreasurerDr. P. K. Jayswal Dept. of Geography
Executive Members    
1. Dr. D. P. Singh Dept. of Commerce  
2. Dr. R. P. Singh Dept. of Botany  
3. Dr. T. P. Choubey Dept. of Mathematics  
4. Dr. K. N. Jha Dept. of English  
5. Dr. S. P. Choubey Dept. of Sanskrit